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Where I Am Now

2 min read

Hey… I’m downloading something right now and have nothing better to do than type you this message so I wanted to talk about where I am now…

First off, today I sent out some personal thank you videos to patrons and Cameo folk… I got a nicer phone so I am able to record those videos without makeup… haha.

Apparently a better lens = I like myself more… also got a well lit webcam for the same reason… I just don’t like looking grim, you know?

Anyway here is one of the photos I took on the new camera…

I like it because it gets the details without warping my face… it’s all about lenses really.

But yeah, I am work on a deeper video right now that I hope you will love. I listened to my patrons and they want longer/deeper content, that is what I want to give to you 😊

So… this video is taking a couple days to record/edit, but should be great. For my patrons, see you tonight on the movie night Skype thing 😋

Which by the way, I thought more YouTubers did stuff like this with patrons… apparently not. Not sure why, you guys are some of my closest friends (some of you) ~