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I Got My Tesla To Play Adult Content & Cuphead

3 min read

So some people may wonder… does the Tesla play adult content? Does the Tesla play Cuphead? And if so, how does the Tesla play Cuphead or adult content?

Well… here’s how you do the Cuphead thing first of all:
1. Grab a USB controller (an XBOX controller should work just fine!)
2. Plug the USB controller into the USB ports right under your screen in the Tesla’s center console (either one is fine… and yeah this is for the Model 3).
3. Press the “T” logo at the top center of the screen and wait for a moment.
4. Once the new screen pops up, click on the Arcade icon.
5. Tap on Cuphead and wait for the game to load!

Some important things to note, (1) You gotta update your system software to the latest version (2) It helps if you connect your car to WiFi to accomplish this.

Now! With that being said, how did Cuphead perform? Really well actually. You’ll see in the video below. Additionally there is a two player compatabiliy in the Tesla Model 3, so that means you can literally just hang out if you’re ever stuck somewhere, and play video games.

Is it the FULL game? Actually I donno… at one point I saw an ad in the game for the “full version” on Steam etc. so, probably not. But it felt like the full version.

Where can you get the controllers? GREAT QUESTION!
If you want the XBOX controller I used, get it here:

And if you want the other controller I used, a bit cheaper, here you go:

So! Out of the two controllers I’d say the XBOX one is slightly better, but they both work great… and the second controller works on the Nintendo Switch as well… oh my!

So, now for the adult stuff… in order to find adult content on your Tesla, all you really have to do is sign into YouTube or Netflix and seek it out – Fairly simple really. Will this change the world? I mean… gosh… sounds like trouble if anything… no one should probably be watching that without tented windows at the very least.

Regardless, here is the lovely video, presented on this site before even YOUTUBE gets to see it released… if you want to see the uncut version, that’s for Patreon: