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What is love to you...

What is love to you?  


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23/07/2019 10:19 pm  

Love, in many ways, to me is when you adore spending time with someone, you miss them when they are gone, you would sacrifice yourself for them, you want to be with them a ton and you think of them before you think of yourself.

What about you?

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Sheila Motko
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24/07/2019 7:19 am  

Love  to me  is the  love  of a good human being, waking up knowing that even in rough times  they  have your back. B

Joined: 4 weeks ago
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24/07/2019 10:06 am  

Love is a never ending cycle of pain, loyalty, sacrifice, tenderness, sweetness, and passion to me, but that's only because that's how I was raised to view it. It's a bad sign when you feel like love is a nightmarish roller coaster you can't get off of.

Above all, real love is unconditional. Your partner, friends, and family can annoy you from time to time, and you might even get angry at them, but that doesn't mean you stop loving them when they have nothing left you want from them.

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24/07/2019 10:20 pm  

Love is feeling safe, warm and appreciated.  Loyalty, compassion and honesty.  Missing the person when they're gone, and enjoying their company when they're there.  Being able to laugh with each other, (and even AT each other), and the little things.

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02/08/2019 11:22 am  

Love is finding a home in someone else. Like you are theirs completely, and they are yours. You fill the places lacking in each other. Love can be sexy and passionate, but lasting love in my opinion is also calm, consistent, and comforting.


A partner in crime, a partner in battle, no matter that person has you 110%, and at the end of the day you want nothing else but to come home to them.


Or some shit like that I guess.

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15/08/2019 3:49 pm  

Someone that you can be unfiltered and honest with. Respects you and keeps your secrets but will also call you on your bullshit when it's needed. Can be from a lover or just a super close friend. 

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