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Punishing little ba...

Punishing little bad kittens  


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30/08/2019 12:51 pm  

Hi <3 I'm new here. I just wanted to know something about Onision, and the rest of people around something delicate.

Do you think it's weird to have sexual desire over being mistreated in bed? And I mean, just in bed xD idk, I feel like having a way older man, stronger, bigger, all over me, doing whatever he wants with me, spanking me, choking me... it's the hottest thing.

Maybe I'm weird, but I've always been insecure about this, and never felt I could tell anyone. It may sound like abuse but it's not, it's enjoyable, fun. Being just that little obedient kitten that gets punished when she misbehaves. I crave that xD but I feel so alone in this. I would love to talk to anyone that shares this, specially Onision, who's just the biggest crush when thinking about all of this.

Please someone, tell me I'm not crazy, or psycho 😀 and sorry for my english, I'm from Spain. If someone feels like talking about this privately (I understand it's something people may shame you about) I could give my discord or skype.

Thanks a lot! <3

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Stacie Memory
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06/09/2019 8:37 am  

"The Bedroom" is a Whole Other World, It's Not Exactly as Strange as It May Sound.
There's Nothing Like a Man Have His Way with You! Him Giving into All His Desires
& Full Filling Yours. Once You've Had That Kind of Loving, It's Hard to Want Any Other

We Get So Used to Society's Standards, It Tends to Bring Out The Freak in Everyone 🤭 

I Know for Me, I Control Every Aspect of My Life, Always in Control & Never Being Told
What to Do, I'm Usually The One That Provides Order on a Daily Basis. So It's Pretty Nice
To Have That Power Exchange @ Times. Nothing Like a Man to Make Me Feel Like a Woman.

*Don't Worry, a Wolf Will Catch You Sometime! Someone to Do You Right, lilKitten ~ "Meow" 
+ You're Not Crazy, Be Careful Though.. Promise Me. Once You Trust Him & Submit, Have Fun!!
That's The Most Important Part, Have Fun & To Always Practice Safe Sex.. So Make Sure He Ties
You Up So You Don't Fall Off The Bed or Whatever "hehe" ..Oh & Don't Forget To Bring a Towel. 



Stay Strong

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08/09/2019 9:22 am  

This just seems like regular BDSM stuff, you're fine. Just be sure to go over the rules first so you're both safe. 🙂


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