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What kind of people...

What kind of people do you kick out of your life?  


Member Admin
Joined: 4 weeks ago
Posts: 77
26/07/2019 12:12 pm  

When it comes to people, what kind of people do you kick out?

Me personally... I gotta get away from anyone who makes it difficult to be happy/productive.

Is there anything particular you have encountered repeatedly in the past?

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Sheila Motko
Trusted Member
Joined: 4 weeks ago
Posts: 55
26/07/2019 1:04 pm  

Depends on the situation, if they are toxic around me or my kids ( or family) then I would.


New Member
Joined: 4 weeks ago
Posts: 4
26/07/2019 3:07 pm  

Someone's got to be really awful to me for that to happen! I don't like drama. I'm a really laid back person, but I hate when people just always have to burst in and ruin any sort of calm and peace. Stuff happens, but I can't deal with that all the time.

Active Member
Joined: 4 weeks ago
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26/07/2019 8:31 pm  

Those who try to interfere with my relationship. I haven't spoken to my significant other's mom since she tried to convince him to lie to me. When I confronted her on it, she doubled down.

Active Member
Joined: 3 weeks ago
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27/07/2019 8:16 am  

I have kicked out my father's side of the family because they are alcoholics and I don't want that in my life! I don't have anything to do with my "friend" because she used me for money I don't have and for my car

Member Moderator
Joined: 4 weeks ago
Posts: 34
29/07/2019 12:15 am  

I put up with a lot of crap. I try not to be overly forgiving but there is a line I draw and that's if someone's fake, dishonest or overly using me for their own benefit be it to get free art out of me, money or whatever. It doesn't help that I'm slow to anger, too. So this is a bit of a tough one.

Harper and Anna liked
Active Member
Joined: 4 weeks ago
Posts: 17
09/08/2019 8:49 am  


Ahh! being used for art must succkkk! Artists spend so much time and hard work on our stuff, and I can't imagine being used for that, that's pretty heckin' shitty, hope that doesn't happen to you again!

Morgan Leigh
New Member
Joined: 2 weeks ago
Posts: 3
09/08/2019 1:36 pm  

I honestly can forgive just about anything but if people make a habit of being rude, overly obsessive, or an overall bad influence, I won't hesitate to cut them off.

Joined: 4 weeks ago
Posts: 42
12/08/2019 4:17 am  

People who leave me feeling drained and tired, as well as relieved to get away from them are among the first to get kicked out.

Everyone has a limited amount of emotional energy that they divide among people they care about, but when someone takes too much from you (and even worse, knows about it and does nothing about it), it's time to take care of yourself and get rid of that emotional vampire.

Eminent Member
Joined: 1 week ago
Posts: 21
13/08/2019 12:30 pm  

Ive kicked out people who were abusive or manipulative. 

overall its just people with bad energy that i dont want around me 

Active Member
Joined: 3 weeks ago
Posts: 5
13/08/2019 12:48 pm  

That's a tough one.

First I had to learn my limits. My real limits not the ones I've been living with.

Then I had to find the courage to stand up for myself. Its not as grand as it sounds. It's been more of little struggles here and there. 


Those who dont mind that you stand your ground will stick around and eventually stop testing you. The ones that do mind get tired and walk away all by themselves. 

The hardest part is the learning to stand up for yourself. I imagine if I were my son and someone were treating him like people treat me how would I want him to respond.

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