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01/09/2019 9:52 pm  

Having pre war Nazis is a stupid idea. Maybe have Germans soldiers who are pre war but were not Nazis to lead Sweden to give a better view of Germans. Because having people who follow Hitler isn't very 'beneficial' if anything it would promote hate against Jewish, and why would you want to banned elections in Finland? people should have a right to vote for who they want. 


But I guess that is proof that this is 100% the most unpopular bullshit opinion 

Heather Sparks

Vera Rose
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02/09/2019 6:25 am  

Suicide is a personal choice and shouldn't be kept from us. 

Scarlet Rhodes
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10/09/2019 7:56 pm  

Ketchup is technically a fruit smoothie, prove me wrong.

Scarlet Rhodes

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20/09/2019 7:43 am  


I certainly don't disagree with your assessment on capitalism, so long as you weren't being sarcastic (hard to tell through writing sometimes). We've got more than a century's worth of data that glaringly demonstrates the inherent instabilities and inefficiencies built into how capitalism "works." One of the saddest parts is that people who typically have a knee-jerk reaction to defend a ludicrous and inherently contradictory economic system don't know enough about it to understand how much it's completely and royally fuckin'em (without lube!) on a daily basis.

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