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21/07/2019 4:10 pm  

I wouldn't call myself a koreaboo or a weeb, yet my "friends" do. Honestly I doubt they even like me since everyone talks behind my back. But anyways, since I watch anime and like K-pop, apparently I'm automatically a weeb/koreaboo. I don't understand. Why can't I like some Asian things without being called a weeb. I am a white female, and I have no problem with anybody. I have african in me, but not much. And I get called racist by a darker girl (don't know her ethnicity, but she calls herself black so I will go with that.) because I wouldn't go out with a black boy. It isn't because he is black, it's because I don't like his personality. They used their ethnicity to get away with things. I got in big trouble for being "racist". While I am on the topic of racism, when I watched a BTS music video, (they are Korean men) they get called ching chongs. Now, ching chong means clear in Chinese. They are all Korean. And I get bullied for liking "ching chongs".  I'm so done with society. 😔 

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21/07/2019 6:34 pm  

You do you dude!

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