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Hey i'm not really ...

Hey i'm not really social but...  


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04/09/2019 11:19 pm  

So, my names Marie and I'm just a 30-year-old mom to a little wild boy and on my downtime, I enjoy watching James' content. I've been on/off patron for about 2 years but a long-time viewer for some time now. Anywho, I am a dental assistant (not currently in office) but I also do web development and design things for clients from home so I can be a stay at home working mom till my son is old enough to be in school. Btw, I had another acct but it got buggy and banned me? so I just made a new one. 

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05/09/2019 12:49 pm  

Hi!  welcome aboard! 🙂

The old forums got totally nuked and this is now the go-to one for everything I think. 🙂 

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