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About Shane Dawson’s Makeup

7 min read

Today I saw something on Twitter that kinda upset me, and I was upset in a way I am not used to. I would post a screenshot of what I saw, but I don’t want to out anyone or make anyone feel bad because I personally don’t have any beef with really, anyone at this point.

What I mean when I say “Beef” is I simply don’t have any incentive or motivation to go after anyone as if I am better than them. As I grow, I learn more about how human we all are, how things you could never comprehend before, you begin to understand as you slowly realize how monumentally messed up so many of us are.

A good example of this is someone saying they would never go to a place to “take care” of a baby, they vote conservatively their whole life, till one day they get pregnant and their word is suddenly upside down before they even give birth. So they find themselves looking to “take care” of their own pregnancy so they can live a life where they are not pushing some child into a life that lacks love or is otherwise not healthy. In other words, you start out judging women for claiming rights to their own bodies, then you find yourself in their shoes and you’re doing the same thing.

So… we all are capable of over time, kind of understanding where people we disagree with are coming from when given enough life experience.

Some time ago something kinda funny happened (“funny” as in awkward and humbling), I went after Shane for making jokes that sounded serious to me, and numerous other people (it was trending on Twitter that he was canceled, we’re talking tens of thousands of people tweeting the same thing) – I joined the bandwagon and later on became somewhat of the poster boy for the whole movement, people even suggested I invented it when in fact it was originally blamed on the Paul brothers. Point is, I didn’t jump off the bandwagon till eventually I was one of the only people left… because I couldn’t possibly imagine how anyone could say what Shane had said… till someone showed me an old tweet of mine, where I made a joke about Skyping someone while using the toilet… yeah… suddenly I was like “Oh well that’s different! Obviously I was being sarcastic, that scenario is ridiculous!” – well, maybe Shane saw his statements the same way, or, maybe Shane is literally the next coming of the dark lord Lucifer? Joking… or am I?

So to discuss what I saw on Twitter… Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson came out with a new makeup set… me personally? I don’t really get makeup… I don’t care, it’s… you know just foundation for me and that’s all… ok, maybe I darken my brows a bit too… anyway, the point is, I couldn’t possibly understand why people are so obsessed with these silly little colorful plastic and powder products… but, I’m also completely ignorant, so unlike so many times before, I’ve kept my mouth shut, I’ve tried to be an adult for once and watch the world turn without my interruption. But… well… about what I saw…

Shane and his other half :)

So someone I consider an online friend Tweeted something about how “good” Shane’s new makeup set looked… and they posted two pictures of Shane pretending to be a member of a different skin color. I’ll paraphrase, someone took old non-PC pics of Shane and said that was his current makeup set in action… Personally I know this person is not pro-Shane, they have been going off on Shane for over a year… they have something up their rear over the guy, and I get that, in a number of ways, not just about Shane, but people in general. It sucks to see people who you maybe attempted to be like at one point succeed beyond imagination, let’s be honest, Shane is a mega hit, like, incredibly successful… but my reaction to this… when I saw these photos of Shane I was already aware of, playing characters intended to make people laugh and nothing else, my thought was “Yeah, we all know that happened, but that was like years ago” and my emotions were like “Holy heck, low blow dude.”

Let me talk about my personal experience with Shane… I went to lunch/dinner with him a few times… one time we tried this Italian restaurant, then bailed because the Menu was, no good. We went to a Mexican place instead. Another time I went to his favorite restaurant with him, and he publicly stated he did not like how I did not look at the waiters in the face when I talked to them… he only publicly said this (as I recall) because I had publicly stated that he stood me up multiple times. In other words, I was being childish and handling my problems like an attention-seeker rather than an adult. But! That is not what this story is about. I additionally spent a short time at Shane’s house, making a video with BlackBoxTV and another time making a song with Shane himself. Now with that being said, Shane, at no point, showed any interest in any of the things his jokes covered. Not the face makeup, not the… other jokes, literally no indication of anything bad in his personality regarding these specific subjects… so? This whole time I’ve been going off not having seen the guy in forever & solely on the fact that I don’t understand what his jokes sound like/how he jokes & I hadn’t reflected on the reality that he never showed any real world signs to me that anything was bad about his personality, at all, other than simply not showing up when he said he would – which is a totally separate, irrelevant private issue.

See the thing is, Shane already said sorry for those things, he, like everyone else, has a right to apologize for things and move on. He messed up by making jokes that were ok then, but not now, and those photos may be relevant if he ever ran for president… but on social media, when you go after people who are much more successful than you, or who have some other quality you think you do not have… well, it comes off as jealousy, and holding onto those feelings doesn’t really make your life any better.

Shane will continue to be a huge success despite all his controversy because let’s be honest, there is no concrete evidence that he is this monster some people believe he is. If you caught someone in a private situation doing these things, maybe then you could say something was real here… but in most every controversy, you find Shane doing or saying something publicly, in an environment where he is expected to say bold things, and take part in “hilarious” behavior… so you often wind up just being that heckler that no one likes, yelling at the person on stage who is playing a character for the sake of other people’s lives being better.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes with pointing fingers and acting holier-than-thou… but I regret those things, I am sorry for those things, and I also don’t want to be reminded of things I apologized for many years down the line. I would like to move past so many things I have said sorry for… and reality check, to the person who brought up Shane’s past makeup decisions & jokes… as far as bringing it up again and again?

You feel exactly the same way about your own past.